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Studio Final V2 @NURB_2K

What is Studio Final V2?
Studio Final helps you quickly Build and Setup your Scene by giving you all the Controls and Options to light any Objects Professional. Use the built in Preset and take Control of your Lighting, Softboxes, Caustic, Environment, Fog, Depth of Field, Seamless & Reflective Floor + Render Settings in one Place.

The Features of Studio Final V2:

– DOF (Depth of Field)
– Lights incl. Softboxes & Switches
– Back Light + Glow
– Caustic Light
– HDR Environment
– Fog with adjustable Gizmo for better Environment Results
– Studio Shape, Floor & Seamless Floor
– Basic Render Settings
— All Features come with their important Options
— Ability to change the Studio Options Order & Default Settings
— Enable Reflection in Seamless Floor Texture
— Etc…

Example Renderings: –click–







How Studio Final V2 works:

Render Settings & Studio Final V2 Scene:
When opening the the content browser you’ll find the following options.
1.) Double click the render options of your choice for your scene.
Option 1 Standard Renderer: AO, Caustic, DOF, GI + Studio Final V2
Option 2 Physical Renderer: Caustic, Physical + Studio Final V2
(Ao, GI and DOF already incl. in Physical Camera and Renderer)
By double clicking the Preset Options, the Options will be added to your Render Settings.
When using Physical renderer switch to Physical Camera provided in Studio Final V2 object setup.
(click to see full size)



Object Manager & Attributes:
Here you find the Studio Final User Data Control, the Cameras, Camera Targets
and the folder “Place your models here…” .

1.) Click on Studio Final User Data to manage all Attributes of Studio Final V2
2.) Select the Camera of your choice
3.) Place your objects in the “Place your models here…” folder to be recognised by Studio Final V2.
(The Dept of Field Cubes and the two Spheres are for your example preview and can be deleted)



STUDIO FINAL V2 Controls: Camera Depth of Field (DOF)
Switch your DOF Front and/or Rear Blur on/off.


STUDIO FINAL V2 Controls: Light Options
First you can switch On/Off the Softboxes, Lights and hide the Softboxes in Editor.
Second you have full control of your:
Lights, Targets, Positions, Project, Details, Visibility, Shadows & Softbox size etc.

light options

STUDIO FINAL V2 Controls: Back Light & Glow Options


STUDIO FINAL V2 Controls: Caustic Light Options

caustic options

STUDIO FINAL V2 Controls: Environment Options

environment options

STUDIO FINAL V2 Controls: Fog Options

fog options

STUDIO FINAL V2 Controls: Studio Shape / Floor Switch

studio shape

Install information:
1.) Unzip and copy “studio final v2 @nurb2k.lib4d” file to your
../Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D/library/browser folder and restart Cinema4D

Studio Final V2 Requires:
– MAXON Cinema 4D Version 12 and higher.
– Broadcast or Studio
– Mac or PC

My Tip to start up and get an idea with Studio Final V2 is:
1.) Open Studio Final V2
2.) Choose your Camera & Render Settings
3.) Activate Viewport Renderer
4.) Switch between Spheres & DOF Cubes to see first results

The price is 15 Euro for a single user licence.
Please ask me by e-mail for a multi user licence.

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